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Stephenie Hollyman was one of the first back-pack video journalists to produce stories in the field as a one-person team. She is also a photographer, a Fulbright Scholar and the author of three books. Her website is www.stepheniehollyman.com. She operates a cyber-studio and produces journalistic content for maritime, educational and journalism venues. This rich content features photography, text and video.  She is member of IATSE, Local #600, The Cinematographer's Guild,  and  her editorial video is represented by Getty Images. Click here to view her video clips on the Getty Images website.

A PHOTOJOURNALIST: Her work as a photographer and video-journalist has taken her to many of the world's countries for publications such as TIME, PEOPLE, and STERN Magazine. Her photo book,  Dogon, Africa's People of the Cliffs was published by Harry N. Abrams in 2000. She was profiled on CBS Sunday Morning by Charles Kuralt in 1988  for her photo book "We The Homeless, Portraits of America's Displaced People" ,  ( text by Victoria Irwin) . Along with Michael Beirut, the book's designer she won an AIGA Book Award in 1988. " We the Homeless " was also exhibited in a one-person show at the Senate Rotunda in Washington, D.C., sponsored by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The former Director of HUD, Sean Donovan, helped hang the show, working as a volunteer.

Hollyman's photographic work has also been included in numerous exhibitions and her photo features  published internationally. She has worked for the United Nations, UNDP, UNICEF and the WHO.  She produced multimedia documentation of malaria,

" Fever Zone"  with the support of the World Health Organization in 2005. In 2004, leading up to war in Iraq, Stephenie was Chief of the United Nations Photo Unit. Fluent in Spanish and able to communicate clearly in French, she has photographed in 11 countries in Africa, as well as completing assignments in Europe, Vietnam, People's Republic of China, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, India, Jamaica, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

A VIDEO-JOURNALIST: She also reports, writes and films stories for television as a solo "backpack" video-journalist . Her clients have included  CNN, CBS, Nightline and others. During the Deepwater Horizon oil spil in the Gulf, she reported with video from the field , which she uploaded to a blog and Getty Images. She has also reported as video-journalist for NYTimes TV ( then VNI )  as part of a team that won a National Documentary Emmy Award-winning for "Killer Virus." Hollyman has also worked on assignments as a producer for CNN and CBS TeleNoticias in Latin and Central America. She speaks fluent Spanish.

MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER:  Hollyman produces photography and original multimedia content that exploits convergence. The stories include streaming video, audio, interactivity and photography. Clients have included MSNBC on the Web, CNN, ABC Nightline, the WashingtonPost.com and others.

TEACHER: In 2010, Hollyman went on a sabbatical from journalism to become a teacher,  and followed what she thought would be her "bliss" for a four-year period. She returned to graduate school and received a Florida Professional Teaching Certificate for Art K-12 and English 6-12 as well as a California Temporary Teaching certficate. She taught high school students at an international school in Qingdao, China in 2011-2012 and in 2012-2013 taught high school students on a tiny island in Micronesia called Yap. When she wasn't teaching she sailed in Colonia's lagoon in her Folbot kayak. In 2013 she taught in a continuation high school for high risk youth,  in Vallejo , California. 

Two years ago she returned to her passion, journalism. She is currently working on a documentary on a child of parents who were disappeared  in Argentina during the  dirty war and illegally adopted. She is now now documenting his life, fifteen years after being reunited with his biological family.  She first filmed him on the day he discovered that his DNA matched that of his parents killed by the Argentina military.

E-Mail:  digital.storyteller@yahoo.com

Tel:  1-415-299-9780

Website: www.StephenieHollyman.com

Skpe:  blazingcontent