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In the Temple of Scholars in Hanoi, Vietnam, a visitor reflects as he sits at this centuries-old site. Client: Gamma
Nelson Mandela receives the key to the City of New York shortly after his release from prison in South Africa Client: Gamma/Liaison
Film director Oliver Stone
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer sits in her garden in Johannesburg, South Africa Client: Gamma/Liaison
CBS 60 Minutes Correspondent Morley Safer
Alaska bush pilot Jim Hitch stands next to his classic Beaver float plane at Lake Hood Client: Modern Maturity Magazine
Tom Dowd, music legend, whose magic touch at this mixing board helped produce hits for Eric Clapton and others
Jamaica's youngest government cyber consultant Client: United Nations Development Program
In Kliptown, a squatter's community just outside of Soweto In South Africa, a grandmother minds a child while his mother works in Johannesburg Client: Time Magazine
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